Camille Fallet

Imaginary investigator photographer

Camille Fallet began by documenting the landscapes of Aveyron, where he grew up, and continues a series on Molènes, tall plants found almost everywhere in the world, dispersed by wind and cars. Like an investigator, Camille Fallet identifies potentially significant elements each time in a given environment. His research is also that of previous images, linked to a personal imagination. In this associative visual memory, the notion of cutting, in the double sense of extraction and sequence, holds an essential place. She is the link between comics, fantasy films and artist books using photography through which her gaze has been formed. He is part of the initiating team of the INVENTARY project which brings together a wide selection of photographic works carried out in the Bouches-du-Rhône metropolitan area since the 1980s. Today, it brings together nearly 60 photographers and more than 5,000 images. . This unprecedented gathering of photographic works aims to be exhibited online to present side by side series of images that reveal, as they travel through them, these territories swept by the same wind.