The GR2013 Bureau des guides is an association that brings together the creators of the GR2013 hiking trail.

By bringing together artists-walkers, local inhabitants, architects and urban planners, it continues to develop the GR2013 adventure through a variety of projects and activities such as, trekking through peri-urban zones. In proposing artistic explorations and on the ground surveying of the territory, we offer extensive and distinct territorial knowledge, by creating new stories as a gesture toward new co-constructions and development.

Its field of action intersect across three main areas :

contemporary artistic creation and cultural activities

environment and ecology

regional planning (architecture, town planning, etc.)

The GR2013 Bureau de guides is part of the Metropolitan Trails, the Cité des arts de la Rue and the 8 Pillards networks as well as the Hôtel du Nord and the Oiseaux de passages cooperatives.