Co-founded in 2014 by Julie De Muer, Loïc Magnant, Baptiste Lanaspèze (Editor at Éditions Wildproject) and Alexandre Field (Project architect and teacher at ENSAM), the Bureau des guides du GR2013 is an association that brings together the initiators of the GR2013 hiking trail. By bringing together artists-walkers, groups of inhabitants and architects-builders, it works to continue and develop the adventure of the GR2013 by proposing through its various projects and activities such as walking in peri-urban areas, exploration artistic of the territory, the surveying allowing the deep and tested knowledge of the territories but also the story as a possible base of the gesture builder and developer. At a crossroads, its field of action links three main areas: contemporary artistic creation and cultural action environment and ecology land use planning (architecture, urban planning, etc.)

The GR2013 guides office is part of the Sentiers Métropolitains, the Cité des arts de la Rue and the 8 Pillards networks, as well as the Hôtel du Nord and the Oiseaux de passages cooperatives.