A one-year, 365 km walking trip through the 38 municipalities crossed by the GR2013.

Throughout 2013, every other Friday, CARAVAN brought together the architects of CAUE13 and the artists of GR2013 for a day’s walk. Mayors, elected officials, experts and inhabitants of the municipalities linked by the path. This trip was an opportunity to discover and invent a territory together.

The discussions and exchanges that animated the course now allow us to better understand its history and its geography, to read its landscapes, to discover how it is inhabited and to see its planning there. Through the story of this caravan, we learn to look at the places where we live with the desire to explore them in order to reinvest them.

This year of surveying, discovering and meeting has been recorded, step by step. In as many sound episodes – the visitor can browse the logbook of this exploration and begin with CARAVAN the inventory of the heritage of the municipalities, these districts of the “Provençal Hyper-Village”.

CARAVAN is a CAUE13 project, co-produced by Radio Grenouille, in partnership with Wildproject editions and the Cercle des Marcheurs.