MP2013 : European capital of culture

Artistic proposals on the GR2013 during the European Capital of Culture. The year 2013 was the year of approval of the GR2013 but also of a series of projects to practice the metropolitan territory with the artists-walkers at the initiative of the trail as well as international guest artists.

The GR2013 is :

A 365 km long public space

Cultural facilities crossing 37 municipalities

1 territory of 3000 km2

100,000 visitors in 2013

On the occasion of the inauguration of the GR2013 trail, around ten artistic proposals took place from March to September 2013.


Itineraries with overnight stay to live in the peri-urban area.

Accompanied by walking artists, the observation of the landscapes leads little by little to create the space of a bivouac and the time of a vigil.

GR2013 hospitalities

Arrangements and installations linked to uses and places, under the sign of conviviality and hospitality.

The GR2013 develops its hospitality with the hikers who run through it, the municipalities it passes through, the inhabitants who live at its doors.

The “GR2013 Hospitalities” bring together projects associating walking with the construction of reception and observation facilities along the path. Carried out with collectives of artist-builders and architects, they offer interventions linked to uses and places, spaces for conviviality and gatherings, public and poetic installations.

From the small development of the trail to the invention of new accommodation practices, the GR2013 is being developed and developed over the course of the encounters it arouses.

Le Rocher is the first construction of this program in the various departmental parks. Les Pépites, the second hospitality unit, is being developed as the Barasse hospitality team begins the investigation.