The hidden coastline

Quiet crossing of the center of Istres before reaching the shore of the Etang de Berre. A path between pine forest and inhabited spaces, where you come across huts, nautical bases and cicadas. A walk to take the time to observe the aquatic and plant life.

Arenc Roller Coaster

Reach the north of Marseille by the coast, an eventful path – changing areas and remains, the sounds of the world, the call of the departing ferry and the crash of the automobile. It is trying but beautiful for the senses, these roadsides that are not made for walking …

West side pastoral

From the pretty station, we escape diagonally from Miramas, quickly the names of the paths resonate with the old, we meet a few horses or bodies to be repaired. There will be a shepherd there, who like us will take the road to Grans …


Gardanne – Meyreuil

Along the road, let’s go back through history … Agricultural stories, stories of ancient villages that have become passages, between old castles and new paths. Let’s observe how man has transformed the landscape, how urbanization unfolds in these beautiful plains and valleys that are still unspoiled.

Colorado Provençal #2

Aix TGV – Vitrolles

From a hyper-place concentrated in automobile flows and people, let us abandon ourselves to the traces of ancient roads, bauxite and life after fires. We walk from a magnificent haunted desert to an oasis of ocher freshness, Cadière will lead us to the city: Green Vitrolles.