Christophe Modica

Christophe Modica is a sound maker.

His research falls within the porous boundaries between genres and the arts. He works from reality, before distancing himself from it in order to develop a writing that maintains an intimate relationship with him. He questions listening, silence, perception. He is particularly interested in the relationships between sounds, music, landscapes, public spaces, theater and life stories. Originally, a press photographer, he has made numerous documentary films, photographic works and sound or radio creations (including sound walks in Marseille and Istanbul with Radio Grenouille).

Since 2012, he has been working as an educational initiator at the Faiar (Higher Art Training in Public Space) in Marseille and works with many companies focused on public space such as the Compagnie sous X (No Visa for this Country, Le Preneur de sound, Common Earth), the Affective Geography Agency (Here, now ?, The return of the kings of Iran), KMK (Elsewhere in…, What’s next?), the Agency Tourist (Go East, Plein Air) or the Théâtre de l’Arpenteur (Archeology of the present) and the Maison du Conte in Chevilly-Larue.

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