Clementine Henriot

His taste for the hybridization of disciplines, as well as a questioning of “our place in space”, were born at the beginning of his training at the School of Fine Arts, and then found their meaning at the School. of the Landscape of Versailles, where she discovered the thickness of the sites. After several years of practice in architectural agencies, she set up on her own by creating the Trajectoires collective (2014 Prize of the Albums of Young Architects and Landscapers, awarded by the Ministry of Culture.)

Since 2015, she has continued her activity on her own, no longer limiting herself to the professional framework offered by public contracts. Land use planning and public spaces, but also garden creation, collaborative work and writing are now complementary aspects of a single approach. She thus tries to give her practice an overall form on the basis of the following working hypotheses:

To work with the landscape considered as a subject crossing environmental, social and cultural questions, to think collectively of the conditions of common life.

Work in the landscape seen as an essential invention of Western culture, a living laboratory where the tension between Subject and Society is exerted, in the material and symbolic manipulation of a topo-historical given.

Work from the affective dimension of the landscape and on its imaginary power, to question the making of a reality that achieves consensus.