Foresta, a collective process within a future metropolitan park north of Marseille.

Foresta designates a possible future metropolitan park in the former tile basin of Séon north of Marseille, in what has today become the green belt of Grand Littoral.These 20 hectares represent an unusual green space in Marseille, at the same time by its size but also by its heritage history.Terrace of clay, vines then tiles, this part of the imposing domain of the Foresta family has been for fifteen years an open space but also on the edge of the abandonment.

The GR2013 has chosen to trace its path in this remarkable landscape, marking the first public pedestrian development in this legally private space.

For several years, the Yes we camp collective, the Hôtel du Nord cooperative, the Résiliance company, with the GR2013 guides office and many local associations have been exchanging, walking and little by little developing what could be a future metropolitan park, in both a place of life, memory, cultural and sporting practices, but also a tool for urban agriculture and local productions.

The GR2013 Guides Office contributes to the exploration of the landscapes, practices the project in its metropolitan dimension, and engages in discussions involving builders and residents around the construction of an urban refuge on the site.