Julie de Muer

In 2003 after having developed several artistic projects and spaces in Paris in the field of experimental culture (the Guinguette Pirate, the Batofar), Julie de Muer moved to Marseille, where she directed the cultural radio station Radio Grenouille and the sound creation studio Euphonia, until 2009.

There, she developed her taste for hybridization, and through various media tools, mixed artistic scientific and citizen approaches, to issues around territory.

From 2009, she became an independent creator and producer, deepening her activity around the interactions between art, heritage and territories. Walking practice became a principle tool.

In the context of Marseille-Provence 2013, the European Capital of Culture, walking practices supported or co-founded several regional projects with artistic teams (the Tourist Agency with Mathias Poisson, GR2013 with the walking artists, Les promenades Sonores with Radio Grenouille ) or with local residents (Hôtel du Nord cooperative).

Today, she is mainly devoted to the Hôtel du Nord cooperative and to the GR2013 Bureau des guides, and regularly intervenes in the field of social innovation (27th region) or in training (FAI-AR, University of Provence, Conseil of Europe, School of Landscape, Architecture, etc.).