Laurence Nicolas

Ethnologist of coastal peoples

Laurence Nicolas is an anthropologist and works on questions of appropriation and representation of coastal space, environmental conflicts, precarious housing, the study of natural practices, professional or leisure, and the transformation of spaces rural and industrial.
Some of his research also focuses on social representations relating to hydraulic resources and on perceptions related to the risk of flooding and marine submersion.
At the end of her anthropology thesis, in 2008 she co-founded a sociological and ethnological studies office, RESSOURCE, specializing in the analysis of conflicts of use, the study of representations and perceptions of territories, different types of relationships with nature and environmental practices.
A large number of his works have focused on the territory of the Rhône delta. In 2008, she published Beauduc, the utopia of beach skyscrapers.
In 2020, she founded an ethnological expertise firm : Façons de dire