Les Pas Perdus

Initiator of the artistic group Les Pas Perdus which today brings together a multidisciplinary team, Guy-André Lagesse is a visual artist from Mauritius, who lived in South Africa until the age of 17 before settling in Marseille (France). This particular life journey led him, through his artistic practice, to work to bring together artistic disciplines, genres, registers and people that social or economic situations tend to separate.

For the past fifteen years, the artistic group Les Pas Perdus has therefore been offering installations and plastic works interwoven in an inventive journey through furniture> the house> the neighborhood> the city. By rubbing shoulders with popular aesthetic practices, the artistic group works on the production of works in co-production with popular creators; enthusiastic inhabitant / aunts, tinkerers, gardeners, dreamers, handicrafts enthusiasts, apartment poets …

Always ready to reuse with delight and intoxication what others want to get rid of, Guy-André Lagesse, Nicolas Barthélemy and Jérôme Rigaut have established over time a relationship of vigorous and dynamic complicity with inhabitants “inventors of everyday life”.

The Concerted Anniversary Zones, the Apartment Tuning, the Furnished Circuits, the Promenade du Jardin des Wishes Bricolés and The Houses of the Ordinary and the Fantasy® offer the possibility of working around the daring and ardor of these inhabitants who have become for the occasion “Art Occasional”.

Thus, the artists offer users of the city, a way of interrogating  the concerns of everyday life as poetic potential: to find the link between the singularity and the ordinary in the everyday; to inhabit the world through aesthetic practices and plastic creations, both in public spaces and in changing urban areas.

Les Pas Perdus Collectif d’artistes plasticiens et pluridisciplinaires