Pierre Tandille

After graduating from the Haute École des arts du Rhin (HEAR Strasbourg), Pierre Tandille began working with various cultural structures, associations and artists. He collaborates with other designers as well as with architect-builders for projects on paper and on screen as much as in the city, on various materials. Considering his work as a documentary form, he attaches a lot of importance to the preliminary investigation work during which he observes and questions the intervention context, the production of content, the printing and manufacturing processes, as well as the tools. broadcast. This taste for investigation leads him to collaborate regularly with artists, designers as well as with children or passers-by to research together, during work sessions or public workshops. In his relationship with the reader, he likes to open up spaces for play and creative ambiguity thanks to a vocabulary of free forms and pure colors. Pierre et Aéro Club Studio regularly collaborates with the Bureau des guides through the DEHORS editions as well as with the Gammares collective.