Robin Decourcy

Robin Decourcy is a French author, choreographer and visual artist, creator of Trek Danse.
Trained at Villa Arson and at the Beaux Arts in Mexico, his in situ practice has changed during his travels in Asia, Latin America and increasingly in South America. His meeting as an assistant or trainee with the super heroes of Post-Modern Dance, Fluxus, sound poetry but also theater and literature leads him to integrate improvisation and score techniques in real time. His work is regularly presented in the form of exhibitions, pieces in festivals, art centers, theaters and national choreographic centers, such as the Trek Danse for 10 years. Influenced by the techno, traditional and experimental scene, as well as the teaching of the root peoples, Robin Decourcy applies different relationship alternatives to our environment through great inclusive performances. Combining ethological and micro-political processes, his approach is the subject of conferences and publications, associated with an art called “eco-somatic”. It cooperates for this with many creators, street artists, dance, circus, composers, filmmakers as well as practitioners and researchers.