Helene Dattler

An architect by training, Hélène Dattler is at the same time a scenographer, director, coordinator, dancer, performer, visual artist. She deliberately places herself at the service of an architecture that is built without lasting materials. She is involved in diverse artistic projects – notably with the Empreinte association – to multiply experiences and encounters, aimed at all audiences.

Within the ANPU, in particular, she invents forms of poetic and plastic exhibitions, created funny films, all in connection with real territorial issues (the mosquito, rising waters, etc.). It also plays an important role of mediation in the field, meeting the public, both for the collection of materials and for transmission.

She regularly offers workshops combining architecture, landscape, dance and the connection to objects. The body becomes a place of experimentation. Performance … Experience … Improvisation … Inviting participants to be part of an ephemeral creative process of which they are the main subject. The object, the construction then becomes vectors, continuums of bodies. Creating ephemeral huts, inhabiting materials and objects … are all projects with children and adults of all ages and all backgrounds that offer this richness of exploration. Hélène is a smuggler who leaves ephemeral and sensitive traces.

Youth Land from Le Citron Jaune