Hendrik Sturm

Hendrik Sturm is a walking artist. Originally from Düsseldorf, he has lived in Marseille since 1994.

After having followed, between France and Germany, a training in Fine Arts and a thesis in neurobiology, Hendrik Sturm now teaches at the School of Fine Arts in Toulon, and practices his art of walking. everywhere in France, in Marseille or Paris, often in peri-urban areas, but also in town centers or in rural areas.

“I don’t walk like the mad traveler, I don’t seek exhaustion, although it can happen. Sometimes we just don’t want to stop walking, so it’s the night that stops us. But it is also possible to take a meaningful walk that lasts only five minutes. In my case, walking is also a study method. I practice it less as a spiritual practice than as a tool of discovery, a methodology of inquiry – reading of traces.“

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La Galerie de la mer, a film by Philippe Van Cutsem (2007, 61 mn).